Community Involvement

While building is our business, it is also our passion. Through volunteering, local outreach, community funding and partnerships with local programs and businesses, our hope is to support, uplift and build-up those around us. We hope to bring positive change to the community around us because, in the end, we’re all working together. We strengthen our community, and our community strengthens us.

This is why giving back is a fundamental part of our mission at RENOVA. On an individual level, our employees are involved in their personal communities in a number of ways and invested in helping those around them. Our staff donates their personal time to organizations that they care and are passionate about. In Delray Beach, members of our staff partner with the Delray Beach Police Department to offer their time working at the local shower truck. Every Friday, the shower truck is available to the homeless population of the city, so that they have access to hot showers, toiletries, and clean clothes.

In addition to their time, our staff also volunteers their resources. Each holiday season, we participate in the Toys for Tots program. Our employees are always incredibly generous, knowing that small acts can make a big difference. During the rest of the year, our staff donates to local charities that resonate with their values.

As a team, we have completed small building or renovation projects at cost for those in the community who are in need and do not have the resources. At our core, we believe in providing and supporting opportunities for volunteer events as a way to contribute to our community, keeping in mind that creating bonds with others is the best way to bring people together for a strong, healthy community.

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