Boynton Beach Modern Bath Makeover

The Boynton Beach Modern Bath Makeover by RENOVA embarked on transforming an outdated bathroom into a modern, spa-like retreat over a diligent three-week period. The project initiation took flight with an in-depth consultation to capture the client’s vision of a minimalist, ambient-lit sanctuary. Our design incorporated terrazzo and large format textured tiles that seamlessly blended with the natural wood vanity and earthy color palette, setting a serene stage for relaxation.

Throughout the renovation, meticulous attention was devoted to integrating sleek hardware and matte black fixtures, emphasizing clean lines and an organic feel. The focal point became the custom cabinetry, fashioned with soft-close drawers and a freestanding basin, complemented by a frameless mirror, accented by LED strip lighting that highlighted the under-vanity area and the skylight above.

Efficiency meshed with elegance in the form of water-saving fixtures and a wall-hung toilet, enhancing the space optimization. The glass shower, boasting a hidden drain and a luxurious rain showerhead, became an epitome of the high-end finishes that RENOVA is renowned for. Storage solutions were strategically placed without disrupting the flow, including floating shelves and integrated sink counters. Non-slip flooring was installed for safety without sacrificing style, leading to the successful culmination of the project, marked by the client’s delighted approval. The completion exuded a warmth and functionality that only a dedicated team with exceptional craftsmanship can deliver, solidifying our promise of luxury and customer satisfaction.

Boynton Beach Modern Bath Makeover


Boynton Beach, Florida


3 Weeks


Consultation, design approval, demolition, plumbing updates, electrical work, tile installation, vanity setup, fixture installation, lighting arrangement, final touches, quality check, client walkthrough, project handover.

Boynton Beach Modern Bath Makeover


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