Delray Beach Tennis Locker Room Construction Project

The Delray Beach Tennis Club Locker Room Construction Project by RENOVA began with an in-depth consultation to capture the client’s vision for a modern and efficient locker room. As the general contractor, RENOVA utilized its extensive experience in commercial construction and renovation to deliver a top-notch facility.

The project kicked off with precise construction project planning, involving early morning concrete pours to lay a robust foundation. The structural framing utilized high-grade steel, ensuring durability. Custom construction elements were incorporated, such as spacious lockers and modern shower facilities. RENOVA’s team excelled in construction management, overseeing each step from the foundation to the final touches.

Materials used in the locker room renovation included premium tiles for the walls and non-slip flooring for safety. High-quality craftsmanship was evident in the meticulous installation of fixtures and fittings. Efficient project management ensured the project stayed on schedule, and regular updates kept the client informed and satisfied.

The locker room upgrade featured energy-efficient lighting and ventilation systems, enhancing the overall user experience. RENOVA’s commitment to excellence in commercial renovation and client satisfaction resulted in a state-of-the-art tennis facility that exceeded expectations. The project’s successful completion was celebrated with a walkthrough, leaving the client thrilled with the commercial building improvement and sports facility upgrade.

Delray Beach Tennis Locker Room Construction Project


Delray Beach, Florida


6 Months


Consultation, site assessment, planning, concrete foundation, structural framing, plumbing, electrical installation, custom locker construction, shower facilities installation, tiling, painting, lighting, ventilation, final inspection, client handover, project completion

Delray Beach Tennis Locker Room Construction Project


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