Bathroom and Bedroom in Boca Raton

RENOVA had the privilege of undertaking an extensive renovation project in an exquisite home in Boca Raton. It was a twin focus — a full makeover of a bedroom and bathroom — combining elegance with utility, and luxury with comfort. The project was an exemplary representation of RENOVA’s commitment to quality, client satisfaction, and construction excellence.

From the initial consultation to the finishing touches, the homeowners were struck by RENOVA’s dedication to bringing their vision to life. The project featured a meticulous design scheme that touched on every aspect of both the bedroom and bathroom, from doors, beds, and sofas, to desks, glass stand-up showers, dual bathroom sinks, and even a luxurious makeup vanity crowned by a round mirror.

In the bedroom, the transformation was palpable. Old doors were replaced with finely crafted, modern doors that not only improved aesthetics but also provided better insulation and security. The bed was not just a piece of furniture but an oasis of relaxation, embodying both form and function. Sofas and a modern desk were strategically placed to optimize space and add character to the room, making it not just a sleeping space but a multifunctional sanctuary.

But perhaps it was the bathroom that experienced the most remarkable change. The glass stand-up shower became an immediate focal point, radiating a spa-like ambiance with its sleek design and impeccable tile work. RENOVA’s skilled craftsmen also installed a state-of-the-art dual sink system, providing the homeowners with enhanced convenience and a touch of luxury that one might expect to find in a high-end resort. A makeup vanity, crowned with a perfectly round mirror, was the pièce de résistance, making the space not just functional, but also extraordinarily elegant.

This project in Boca Raton wasn’t just about carpentry, plumbing, and electrical work; it was about converting a mundane space into an abode of beauty and functionality. The expertise of RENOVA’s professionals was evident in every cut, every screw, and every brushstroke. Their attention to detail was beyond commendable, whether it was in the careful selection of materials, the precision in execution, or the passion that they poured into ensuring that the end product was nothing short of amazing.

The homeowner’s satisfaction and their subsequent referrals have demonstrated that RENOVA didn’t just meet expectations; they exceeded them, making this project in Boca Raton a shining testimony to the quality of work one can expect when they entrust their home to RENOVA. The space now stands as a monument to exceptional craftsmanship, aesthetic insight, and the sheer joy that a well-executed construction project can bring to a homeowner’s life.

Bathroom and Bedroom


Boca Raton, Florida


9 Weeks


Demolition of existing bathroom fixtures and bedroom furniture, Removal of old doors, Installation of new doors, Assembling and setting up beds, Sofa procurement and installation, Desk assembly and installation, Installation of glass stand-up shower, Plumbing work for dual bathroom sinks, Electrical work for lighting and outlets, Installation of makeup vanity, Installation of round mirror, Wall and ceiling painting, Flooring installation, Tile work for bathroom, HVAC adjustments, Inspection and quality assurance, Project documentation, Cleanup and debris removal

Bathroom and Bedroom in Boca Raton


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