House in Delray Beach

The House in Delray Beach is a testament to RENOVA’s holistic approach to creating exceptional residential spaces. This project involved an extensive range of services, including architectural and designer planning, securing city permits, and executing various installations such as HVAC, electrical systems, drywall, and more. Our dedicated team, over the duration of the project, was deeply involved in turning the initial concepts into a tangible reality. We ensured each phase of the project adhered to top-notch quality, aligning with the grand vision of the project.

In the creation of this custom home, special attention was paid to seamlessly blend the indoor living space with the outdoors, thereby crafting a true man-made oasis. The implementation of an open-concept design complemented by floor-to-ceiling windows invites a generous influx of natural light and provides unobstructed views of the scenic outdoors. The design aimed to connect the inhabitants with the surrounding nature, further augmented by premium interior finishes, including high-quality flooring, tile, countertops, millwork, and more. Every facet of this project echoes RENOVA’s commitment to superior craftsmanship and design expertise.

House in Delray Beach


Delray Beach, Florida


15 months


Architectural plans, Designer plans, City Permits, Concrete Service, Paver Company, Pool Install, HVAC, Electrical, Drywall, Flooring, Tile, Countertops, Paint, Millwork, Railings, Glass Install, Windows & Doors

House in Delray Beach


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