Boca Raton Custom Home Elegance

The journey of constructing the Boca Raton Residential Oasis was a testament to RENOVA’s commitment to excellence. Starting with an undeveloped parcel of land, our team, renowned for their skills in new construction and renovation projects, embarked on a 14-month journey to create a modern architectural marvel. Groundbreaking commenced with an environmentally conscious plan, integrating smart home technology and energy-efficient practices into the design.

Throughout the construction process, we adhered to sustainable design principles, ensuring that the luxury living experience we were crafting would stand the test of time. Our team’s meticulous attention to detail brought to life the open concept layout, with natural light streaming through panoramic windows, illuminating the expansive living spaces and marble flooring. The gourmet kitchen was fitted with state-of-the-art appliances, set against a backdrop of designer interiors.

As the structure took form, the exterior began to harmonize with the tropical landscaping and palm tree aesthetic, creating a serene oasis that epitomized the affluent community of Boca Raton. The spacious driveway led to a double garage, while the private swimming pool and sun-drenched patio promised endless outdoor entertainment. The use of premium finishes and impact-resistant windows reflected our unwavering dedication to quality.

Upon completion, the client’s vision of a custom-built residence had been fully realized, signifying another sophisticated elegance added to Florida luxury properties. Our client’s satisfaction was palpable, echoed in their first step into what was once a blueprint dream, now a tangible luxury, ready to be their new home.

Boca Raton Custom Home Elegance


Boca Raton, Florida


14 Months


Site preparation, design approval, foundation laying, structural framing, plumbing installation, electrical wiring, smart technology integration, interior design customization, finishing touches, landscaping, client walkthrough, project handover.

Boca Raton Custom Home Elegance


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