House in West Palm Beach

Renova’s House in West Palm Beach is a fine example of our expertise in constructing luxury homes that harmonize beautifully with their surroundings. Over a span of 9 months, we provided an extensive range of services starting from architectural planning, design, city permits, and handled comprehensive installation services. Our goal was to ensure that the homeowner’s dream of a luxurious coastal living space was realized to its fullest potential.

One of the defining elements of this house is the floor-to-ceiling windows and wrap-around porch, providing breathtaking ocean views. The selection of premium materials for flooring, tile, countertops, millwork, and other finishes further enhance the sense of luxury. This project stands as a testament to RENOVA’s commitment to delivering superior quality and design in custom residential construction.

House in West Palm Beach


West Palm Beach, Florida


9 months


Architectural plans, Designer plans, City Permits, Concrete Service, Paver Company, Pool Install, HVAC, Electrical, Drywall, Flooring, Tile, Countertops, Paint, Millwork, Railings, Glass Install, Windows & Doors

House in West Palm Beach


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