West Delray Beach Whole Home Renovation

The West Delray Beach Whole Home Renovation Project began with a vision to transform a dated property into a modern, eco-friendly oasis. Over five months, RENOVA’s skilled team, with a commitment to sustainable materials and energy efficiency, meticulously crafted each space. The open floor plan breathed new life into the home, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor flow that highlighted the tropical landscaping and serene outdoor views.

High-end appliances, smart home technology, and integrated entertainment systems modernized the living areas without sacrificing the minimalist decor that gives the space its tranquil feel. Custom cabinetry and oak woodwork offered a bespoke touch, while quartz countertops and neutral color palettes ensured a timeless elegance.

The bedroom became a haven of peace with luxurious finishes, automated shades, and climate control systems, alongside spacious walk-in closets. Spa-like bathrooms featured frameless glass showers and artistic lighting, providing a daily retreat. Expansive windows framed the waterfront property, offering natural light that played across the hardwood flooring.

RENOVA’s dedication to exceptional customer service and quality craftsmanship shone through, as every detail, from the security system to the rooftop solar panels and impact-resistant doors, was handled with precision. As the project concluded, the customer’s joy was evident, cementing RENOVA’s reputation in South Florida for turning renovation dreams into reality.

West Delray Beach Whole Home Renovation


West Delray Beach, Florida


5 Months


Initial consultation, design approval, site preparation, demolition, construction of hardwood flooring, installation of custom cabinetry, eco-friendly material procurement, plumbing and electrical system overhaul, smart home technology integration, luxury finish application, landscaping, final inspection, customer walkthrough, project handover

West Delray Beach Whole Home Renovation


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