Kitchen in Deerfield Beach

The Kitchen in Deerfield Beach project is an excellent illustration of how RENOVA effectively utilizes space while ensuring a feeling of luxury and comfort. Over a short period of two weeks, our team managed a full-scale kitchen renovation, dealing with everything from cabinetry and lighting to appliance installation and painting. The objective was to optimize the compact kitchen space while maintaining its appeal and functionality.

In this project, smart space planning was key. Despite its small size, the kitchen was carefully designed to provide ample cabinet space for storage, allowing homeowners to keep their kitchen gadgets organized and maintain a clean and appealing aesthetic. The transformation was thoughtfully planned and executed, creating a compact yet versatile kitchen space that catered perfectly to the homeowners’ needs.

Kitchen in Deerfield Beach


Deerfield Beach, Florida


2 weeks


Cabinetry, Lighting, Appliances, Backsplash Tile, Painter

Kitchen in Deerfield Beach


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