Highland Beach Condo Renovation

The “Highland Beach Condo Renovation” commenced as RENOVA’s ambitious endeavor to transform a prime Highland Beach property into a paragon of modern luxury living. Nestled in the heart of South Florida’s serene coastal landscape, this 60-day sprint began with meticulous planning, leveraging our deep understanding of Highland Beach real estate. Our team, equipped with state-of-the-art smart home technology, set forth to create a harmonious blend of minimalist decor and coastal living space, ensuring that the natural light design illuminated each bespoke feature.

We introduced sleek kitchen fittings and a spa-inspired bathroom, setting a new standard in condo renovation. Our pursuit of excellence led us to select sustainable building materials, integrating energy-efficient appliances within custom-built cabinetry adorned with quartz countertops and porcelain tile flooring. We replaced traditional windows with floor-to-ceiling, impact-resistant glass, framing the breathtaking waterfront views and inviting the outside in.

Our dedicated artisans sculpted the interior with Italian marble accents and designer fixtures, ensuring each private balcony became a sanctuary for tranquility. As we progressed, we seamlessly incorporated automated lighting systems, climate control features, and an array of luxurious bedroom suites, each boasting walk-in closets. The culmination of our efforts was evident in the smile of our esteemed client, who marveled at the saltwater infinity pool, the rooftop terrace, and the exclusive resident services, including a state-of-the-art fitness center and direct beach access—all secured within a gated community. The project, a symphony of functionality and elegance, was a testament to RENOVA’s unwavering commitment to delivering dreams.

Highland Beach Condo Renovation


Highland Beach, Florida


60 Days


Identify client vision, assess condominium structure, design modern luxury condo plan, obtain permits, demolish necessary areas, upgrade structural integrity, install smart home technology, execute elegant interior design, fit energy-efficient appliances, enhance with Italian marble and designer fixtures, ensure coastal living space aesthetics, incorporate natural light design, construct private balconies, conduct quality checks, finalize luxury amenities, and deliver within 60 days.

Highland Beach Condo Renovation


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