Modern Boynton Beach Custom Home

The journey of constructing the “Modern Boynton Beach Custom Home” began with a vision to erect a bespoke residence in the heart of Boynton Beach, encapsulating the epitome of luxury and modern design. RENOVA, with its deeply rooted experience in South Florida’s construction landscape, embarked on this 18-month project with a clear mission: to create not just a house, but a haven for its dwellers.

From the initial groundbreaking, where the earth was first shaped to accommodate the foundation, to the meticulous selection of eco-friendly materials, every step was taken with precision and respect for the environment. The open floor plan emerged, framed by soaring ceilings and large windows, inviting natural light to dance across the quartz countertops and hardwood flooring.

A state-of-the-art kitchen became the heart of the home, equipped with stainless steel appliances, ready to host gatherings that would spill out onto the exquisitely landscaped gardens and the private pool area, designed for serene outdoor entertainment. The construction process was a symphony of craftsmanship, with custom cabinetry and designer fixtures punctuating the elegant interiors.

As the project neared its end, the once empty lot had transformed into an exclusive property with a prestigious address in a quiet neighborhood. Energy-efficient solutions and smart home technology were seamlessly integrated, ensuring a turnkey home that was both an investment opportunity and a testament to RENOVA’s commitment to quality.

The final handover to the happy homeowners marked the project’s successful completion, with every detail from the security system to the tranquil environment reflecting the high-end finishes that RENOVA is renowned for. “Modern Boynton Beach Custom Home” now stands as a testament to the company’s ethos of crafting spaces where luxury meets livability.

Modern Boynton Beach Custom Home


Boynton Beach, Florida


18 Months


Initial consultation, design approval, site preparation, foundation laying, framing, installation of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems, interior design execution, landscaping, final inspections, client walkthrough, and project handover

Modern Boynton Beach Custom Home


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