Boynton Beach Condo Kitchen and Dining Makeover

Our journey at RENOVA began with a clear vision: to transform a Boynton Beach condo into a paradigm of modern living. The client approached us with a desire for a kitchen and dining space that married functionality with a contemporary aesthetic. Our initial consultation laid the groundwork for a 45-day project that would include a complete overhaul of the living space.

With meticulous planning and seamless execution, our dedicated team at RENOVA embarked on this ambitious renovation. We deconstructed the outdated kitchen and dining area, careful to prepare for the sophisticated design that would follow. The installation of sleek cabinetry and marble countertops progressed alongside state-of-the-art stainless steel appliances, setting the stage for the modern culinary oasis.

Attention to detail was paramount as we integrated custom millwork, exquisite lighting fixtures, and plush, stylish furnishings. Our in-house designers collaborated closely with the client, ensuring every tile, every stroke of paint, contributed to the cohesive vision. As the project neared completion, our commitment to craftsmanship shone through the finishing touches of textured wood accents and carefully selected décor.

Upon unveiling the finished project, the client’s elation was palpable. Their dream had materialized into a tangible luxury, marked by the impeccable standards of RENOVA. The project, culminating on schedule, stood as a testament to our team’s dedication and expertise. The client’s satisfaction reaffirmed our belief that the heart of a home lies in a space that’s both inviting and reflective of those who dwell within.

Boynton Beach Condo Kitchen and Dining Makeover


Boynton Beach, Florida


45 Days


Review design, secure permits, demolish existing structures, frame new layout, install drywall, run electrical and plumbing, fit cabinetry and millwork, lay flooring, mount countertops, install lighting fixtures, paint, finalize interior design, perform quality checks, client walkthrough, project handover.

Boynton Beach Condo Kitchen and Dining Makeover


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