House in Boynton Beach

The House in Boynton Beach project is a testament to RENOVA’s expertise in transforming outdoor spaces into picturesque retreats. This four-month-long project was primarily focused on renovating the backyard of the house into a tranquil oasis. We provided a comprehensive range of services including pavers, lighting, and outdoor wall paneling.

The incorporation of natural elements such as wood paneling and stone tiles set the tone for a serene backyard haven. Our team meticulously crafted each component, ensuring the homeowners’ dreams were translated into a beautifully designed reality. The project stands as an example of RENOVA’s dedication to delivering outdoor spaces that not only uplift the aesthetic value of a home but also provide a comforting escape for homeowners.

House in Boynton Beach


Boynton Beach, Florida


4 months


Pavers, Landscape Designer, Lighting, Outdoor Wall Paneling,

House in Boynton Beach


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