Boynton Beach Custom Home Oasis

The Boynton Custom Home project embarked on a transformative journey, beginning with a vision to create a residence that would stand as a pinnacle of modern design and luxury. RENOVA, renowned for its craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, led the venture, meticulously planning every detail from the ground up.

The project kicked off with site selection in the serene locale of Boynton Beach, Florida, chosen for its lush landscapes and tranquil environment. The design phase was collaborative, ensuring the client’s vision was interwoven with RENOVA’s signature architectural innovation. Emphasizing sustainable materials and green building techniques, the foundation was laid, followed by a robust framework that promised longevity and elegance.

As the structure rose, the integration of indoor-outdoor living became apparent. Expansive windows and a flat roof optimized for solar panel installation signified the eco-friendly ethos. The construction phase, spanning 14 months, saw the seamless execution of cabinetry, millwork, countertops, and luxurious finishes.

The final phase of landscaping crowned the project, with tropical flora accentuating the pergola-covered patio and the swimming pool that glistened like a jewel amidst the wood deck. The painting, electrical, and plumbing were executed with precision, culminating in an architectural masterpiece.

Upon completion, the customer’s joy was palpable, their dream home a reality. The Boynton Custom Home stands as a testament to RENOVA’s dedication to merging luxury with sustainability, a modern sanctuary that promises a tranquil Florida living experience.

Boynton Beach Custom Home Oasis


Boynton Beach, Florida


14 Months


Site preparation, design approval, foundation laying, structural framing, roofing, window installation, electrical and plumbing systems, interior drywall, flooring, cabinetry and millwork, countertop fitting, interior design, lighting fixtures, painting, exterior stucco and wood paneling, landscaping, pool construction, deck installation, final inspections, client walkthrough, and project handover.

Boynton Beach Custom Home Oasis


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