Delray Beach Modern Office Renovation

The Delray Beach Modern Office Renovation by RENOVA began with a vision to transform a traditional space into a modern, eco-friendly, and collaborative environment within a tight 60-day timeframe. Initial groundwork focused on constructing an open floor plan with ample natural light, facilitated by large arched windows and a seamless integration of indoor and outdoor elements. Strategic placement of glass partitions and private cubicles ensured a balance between openness and privacy, vital for the modern workforce.

Our dedicated team at RENOVA excelled in project management, adhering to strict building codes and zoning regulations while implementing innovative storage solutions and smart office design. The use of eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient lighting echoed our commitment to sustainability initiatives. The ergonomic furniture selection and installation of acoustic panels contributed to a professional atmosphere and employee well-being.

The herringbone wood floor and wood accents, complemented by the brick wall texture and architectural lighting, added a touch of Delray Beach’s charm and character. The office branding was strategic, with the RENOVA logo prominently displayed, embodying the corporate renovation’s quality craftsmanship.

As we approached completion, our focus on health and safety, including the installation of HVAC systems, ensured a functional and safe workspace. The result was an upscale office space that doubled as a business hub, reflecting RENOVA’s standards of excellence. The project concluded with a satisfied client, commending our timely execution and the transformation of their vision into reality.

Delray Beach Modern Office Renovation


Delray Beach, Florida


60 Days


Define requirements, design layout, obtain permits, demolition, structural modifications, electrical and plumbing updates, HVAC installation, interior design, ergonomic furniture procurement, final inspections, client walkthrough, project handover.

Delray Beach Modern Office Renovation


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