Master Bathroom in Boca Raton

In the heart of Boca Raton, RENOVA undertook a master bathroom construction project that stands as a testament to their commitment to luxury and functionality. Set against the backdrop of Boca Raton’s sophisticated living standards, the bathroom immediately captures attention with its lavish grey marbled tiles, which seamlessly dress the walls and floor. Central to this space is a floating vanity with a rich wood finish, featuring dual rectangular basins, enhanced by glistening golden fixtures. These fixtures, iconic of Boca Raton’s penchant for elegance, offer not just utility but also a brilliant contrast against the room’s cool tones. Adjacently placed, a minimalist bathtub and a glass-enclosed shower, fitted with a ceiling-mounted rainfall showerhead, beckon relaxation, reminiscent of the spa retreats Boca Raton is renowned for. Natural light filters through two strategically placed windows, marrying the indoors with Boca Raton’s sun-kissed ambiance. Subtle organic touches, such as vases adorned with fresh plants, add warmth, balancing the room’s contemporary feel. Completing the space is a wooden door on the right, suggesting a flow into other luxurious quarters of the Boca Raton residence. This master bathroom is a symphony of design and utility, reflecting RENOVA’s expertise and Boca Raton’s reputation for upscale living.

Master Bathroom in Boca Raton


Boca Raton


3 Months


grey marbled tile installation on walls and floor, floating vanity construction with rich wood finish, dual rectangular basin integration, golden fixture installation including faucets and wall-mounted taps, freestanding bathtub placement, glass-enclosed shower construction, ceiling-mounted rainfall showerhead fitting, strategic window placement with horizontal blinds, decorative vase and plant arrangement, conical stool addition beside bathtub, wooden door integration on the right, pendant lighting installation above vanity

Master Bathroom in Boca Raton


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