Bed and Bath in Delray Beach

RENOVA is proud to unveil its latest completed project, a stunning residential home renovation in Delray Beach. The renovation focused primarily on two crucial areas of the home: the master bedroom and the main bathroom. Our team has skillfully combined modern aesthetics with functional design to create spaces that not only look magnificent but are also incredibly user-friendly.

Bedroom Renovation:

The once-dated bedroom has been transformed into a sanctuary of modern luxury. The previous furnishings were replaced with a sophisticated bed frame featuring an upholstered headboard that serves as the room’s centerpiece. Nightstands flanking the bed provide ample storage and are adorned with sleek, contemporary lamps.

Our team added a studio couch at the foot of the bed, making it a perfect spot for reading or relaxing. The room’s window treatments were also overhauled. We installed elegant white curtains that cascade gracefully to the floor, allowing natural light to filter in while providing the desired privacy. The crowning touch to the bedroom is a chandelier with an avant-garde design, featuring multiple lights cascading down from a central fixture, imbuing the room with a soft, ethereal glow.

Bathroom Renovation:

The bathroom presented a unique set of challenges, primarily because of its smaller footprint. However, RENOVA’s team managed to maximize the space without sacrificing style or functionality. The walls and floors now feature a harmonious grey palette, illuminated by a state-of-the-art circular white light fixture that hangs elegantly above the main area.

The vanity was replaced with a modern white sink coupled with chrome fixtures, creating a clean and streamlined look. Flanking the sink are two spacious cabinets, one in light wood and the other in white, offering more than enough storage space for toiletries and towels. A modern, elongated toilet bowl has been installed, featuring an efficient flush system that’s both quiet and powerful.

The glass-enclosed shower stall is another highlight. It features sturdy glass doors that offer transparency, making the bathroom appear more spacious. They have been designed to be left slightly ajar for ventilation without compromising on privacy.

RENOVA has successfully married modern design with practical living, offering this Delray Beach homeowner a best-in-class experience. Our team’s attention to detail, commitment to quality, and an unerring eye for design have turned an ordinary home into an extraordinary living space.

Bed and Bath in Delray Beach


Delray Beach, Florida


6 Weeks


Initial assessment and permits, Demolition of existing bathroom fixtures and finishes, Demolition of existing bedroom finishes, Plumbing assessment and modification for bathroom, Electrical assessment and modification for bathroom and bedroom, Installation of new subfloor and moisture barrier in bathroom, Tile or bathroom flooring installation, Wall and ceiling reconstruction in bathroom and bedroom, Painting and finishing in bathroom and bedroom, Installation of new toilet, Installation of new bathtub/shower, Installation of new sink, Installation of new faucets, Installation of new showerhead, Installation of new bathroom light fixtures, Installation of exhaust fan, Installation of bathroom cabinetry, Installation of bathroom storage units, Installation of mirrors, Installation of medicine cabinet, Installation of towel racks, Installation of bathroom accessories, Installation of new bedroom flooring, Installation of new closet system, Installation of new bedroom light fixtures, Installation of new ceiling fan, Bedroom window treatments, Installation of built-in bedroom furniture, Installation of built-in bedroom storage, Final cleaning, Final inspection

Bed and Bath in Delray Beach


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