Custom Home Project in Deerfield Beach

The journey to create the Custom Home Project in Deerfield Beach began with a vision to embody the pinnacle of modern design and luxury in Deerfield Beach, South Florida. RENOVA, renowned for its excellence in custom home development, embarked on this ambitious 22-month project to bring a client’s dream to life. From the initial design phase, our focus was on crafting a minimalist decor that seamlessly blended high-end finishes with functional living spaces. The home boasts marble countertops, large sinks with sleek faucets, and hardwood flooring, establishing a foundation of quality and style. The incorporation of recessed ceiling and pendant lighting alongside large windows enhances the natural light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Smart home technology and efficient storage solutions, including pull-out drawers and soft-close cabinets, were integrated to ensure convenience and a clutter-free environment. The color palette remained neutral, accentuated by quartz surfaces and durable materials, to evoke a sense of peace and elegance. Custom cabinetry and ambient lighting further personalized the space, making it uniquely theirs.

The master bathroom emerged as a sanctuary, equipped with a freestanding bathtub, walk-in shower, double vanity, and backlit mirrors, highlighted by heated floors and towel warmers for ultimate comfort. Water-efficient toilets and frameless glass shower enclosures were chosen for their eco-friendly and aesthetic benefits.

Outdoor landscaping, including a custom pool, transformed the backyard into a tropical retreat, aligning with the client’s vision of a private oasis. Upon completion, the client was ecstatic with their new home, praising RENOVA’s dedication to timeliness, customer satisfaction, and craftsmanship that turned their dream into reality.

Custom Home Project in Deerfield Beach


Deerfield Beach, Florida


22 Months


Conceptualize design, finalize plans, procure materials (marble, hardwood, quartz), install plumbing and lighting fixtures, execute smart home integration, customize storage and cabinetry, landscape design, pool construction, interior decoration, conduct quality checks, client walkthroughs, project handover.

Custom Home Project in Deerfield Beach


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