Bathroom Renovation in West Boca Raton

RENOVA, a renowned construction firm, recently completed an exquisite bathroom renovation in West Boca Raton, seamlessly blending contemporary design with organic textures. The project spotlighted a lavish bathing area, discernible behind a transparent glass partition, adorned with a pendant light showcasing a pristine white globe design. A tall window with streamlined horizontal blinds graced the space, allowing the infusion of ambient natural light. The room’s centerpiece was a sophisticated vanity area, characterized by a sleek white countertop with an integrated sink, set atop a wooden-finish cabinet replete with storage drawers. Paired with the vanity were two symmetrical circular mirrors, each bordered by elongated, modern wall-mounted lights. The countertop was accessorized with meticulously arranged toiletries and a decorative golden-hued vase containing dried botanicals. Adjacently, a vertical wooden slat design, running from floor to ceiling, added an organic warmth to the room. Large, light gray tiles dressed both the floor and walls, culminating in a seamless design transition. The space was further enhanced by a wooden door on the far right, with modern fittings. Overall, RENOVA’s craftsmanship transformed the bathroom into a sanctuary of luxury and tranquility, reflecting a harmonious balance of modern minimalism and natural elements.

Bathroom Renovation in West Boca Raton


West Boca Raton


4 Months


installation of a glass partition, placement of a contemporary vanity with integrated sink, addition of a wooden-finish cabinet, integration of two circular mirrors with modern wall-mounted lights, introduction of a vertical wooden slat design, tiling of both the floor and walls with light gray tiles, and fitting of a wooden door, with all necessary construction permits secured prior to commencement

Bathroom Renovation in West Boca Raton


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