Boca Raton Luxury Bathroom Overhaul

The Boca Raton Luxury Bathroom Overhaul embarked on a transformative 21-day journey, manifesting RENOVA’s commitment to excellence. Initially, the project entailed a comprehensive demolition phase, systematically removing outdated fixtures and finishes to pave the way for a contemporary rebirth. Our adept team, leveraging their seasoned expertise, meticulously installed custom cabinetry and millwork, elevating the storage solutions with a touch of sophistication. The centerpiece, a pure white marble flooring, was laid with precision, mirroring the abundant natural light and amplifying the sense of space.

As the project unfolded, our interior design specialists collaborated closely with the homeowners, ensuring every element resonated with their vision. Drywall installations and custom mirror framing proceeded flawlessly, followed by intricate plumbing and electrical work. The strategic placement of lighting fixtures not only illuminated the bathroom but also accentuated the newly installed bathroom fixtures’ beauty.

The glass shower, with its minimalist hardware, emerged as a modern sanctuary, while the freestanding bathtub offered a tranquil retreat. The project culminated with the installation of a bespoke glass enclosure, a testament to our attention to detail. The final walkthrough with the clients unveiled a radiant space that seamlessly blended functionality with luxury. Their satisfaction was palpable, a testament to RENOVA’s dedication to delivering beyond expectations. This project stands as a shining example of how a well-managed project and client-centric approach can craft spaces that resonate with comfort and elegance.

Boca Raton Luxury Bathroom Overhaul


Boca Raton, Florida


21 Days


Acquire permits, site preparation, demolition, custom cabinetry, millwork, marble slab installation, drywall, plumbing, electrical setup, lighting fixtures, bathroom fittings, shower glass installation, safety inspections, final touches, client walkthrough, project sign-off

Boca Raton Luxury Bathroom Overhaul


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