Boca Raton Deluxe Bathroom Makeover

The Boca Raton Deluxe Bathroom Makeover, helmed by RENOVA, commenced with an in-depth consultation in the vibrant community of Boca Raton, Florida. Our goal was to transform a dated guest bathroom into a modern, spa-like retreat within a brisk 30-day schedule. We began by stripping the old fixtures and finishes, replacing them with luxurious marble tiles and installing a sleek glass shower enclosure that featured a high-end rainfall showerhead. The inclusion of a wall-mounted toilet and a floating vanity not only enhanced the visual appeal but also maximized the space.

Throughout the renovation, we focused on harnessing natural light, which complimented the minimalist design and the serene, neutral color palette chosen by the client. LED lighting and heated flooring were integrated to elevate the comfort level, while a towel warmer added a touch of opulence. Our dedication to sustainability was evident in the selection of eco-friendly materials and a water-efficient toilet.

Attention to detail was paramount, as evidenced by the modern fixtures, sleek hardware, and the custom-built cabinetry that included soft-close drawers. The countertop, a durable and striking feature, was complemented by a luxury faucet and an undermount sink. We ensured a clear, fog-free reflection with an anti-fog mirror and incorporated an adjustable shower system for a personalized experience.

As the project neared completion, our team’s craftsmanship shone through the ambient lighting installation, the precision of the mold-resistant grout, and the installation of non-slip flooring. The final touches included a privacy window, maintaining an airy feel while ensuring seclusion.

Upon completion, the client was ecstatic with the transformation. The RENOVA team not only delivered on time and within budget but also exceeded expectations, ensuring that the Boca Raton Deluxe Bathroom Makeover was synonymous with quality, luxury, and customer satisfaction.

Boca Raton Deluxe Bathroom Makeover


Boca Raton, Florida


30 Days


Initial consultation, design approval, demolition, plumbing and electrical rough-in, marble tiling, shower enclosure installation, rainfall showerhead fitting, toilet and vanity installation, LED and ambient lighting setup, heated flooring integration, towel warmer mounting, final finishes, and quality inspection.

Boca Raton Deluxe Bathroom Makeover


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