Boca Raton Fitness Room Renovation

The journey began with a client’s vision to transform their Boca Raton residence into a personalized fitness oasis. RENOVA, leveraging years of expertise, embarked on this 90-day project, which encompassed a full-scale luxury gym renovation. The goal was to create a modern fitness center that would cater to every workout whim while integrating seamlessly into the home’s sophisticated aesthetic.

From the outset, we worked closely with the client to meticulously plan each element, from the ergonomic gym layout to the selection of state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring the space would serve both personal training needs and dynamic workout routines. We focused on incorporating contemporary gym aesthetics with functional training areas and advanced cardio machines.

Our dedicated team executed the project with finesse, installing durable gym flooring, sleek equipment profiles, and ambient lighting installations that highlighted the architectural wood details and elegant interior finishes. The gym’s spacious exercise zones were equipped with customizable workout stations, complete with integrated entertainment systems and interactive fitness displays for an engaging experience.

The result was an energy-efficient gym design, reflecting the high-end fitness facility status with a climate-controlled environment and automated workout systems. Every detail, from the reflective mirrors to the versatile fitness accessories, was chosen for both function and form.

As the project neared completion, we ensured the installation of gym sanitation stations and a welcoming gym reception area, enhancing the smart gym connectivity. The transformation was met with glowing praise, marking another successful chapter for RENOVA, where quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction stand paramount.

Boca Raton Fitness Room Renovation


Boca Raton, Florida


90 Days


Initial consultation, design approval, space measurement, custom equipment selection, ergonomic layout planning, demolition, structural enhancements, electrical upgrades, lighting installation, audio-visual integration, equipment setup, finishing touches, final walkthrough, client handover

Boca Raton Fitness Room Renovation


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