Highland Beach Master Bathroom Renovation Oasis

The journey of transforming a master bathroom in Highland Beach into a luxurious oasis was entrusted to RENOVA, the premier general contractor in South Florida known for its unwavering dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. From day one, the project was infused with a modern design ethos and a minimalist decor, guided by our client’s vision for a serene retreat. We commenced with meticulous planning, incorporating sleek faucets, marble countertops, and a spacious, large sink atop custom cabinetry, all chosen for their high-end finishes and durability.

Our skilled team worked diligently, ensuring each step, from the installation of hardwood flooring to the strategic placement of recessed ceiling lights and pendant lighting, enhanced the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the space. The inclusion of smart home technology, efficient storage solutions, and energy-saving features like water-efficient toilets and LED lighting exemplified our commitment to contemporary style and sustainability.

The centerpiece, a freestanding bathtub, set against a backdrop of natural light streaming through elegant window treatments, offered a tranquil escape. Adjacent, a walk-in shower, equipped with a frameless glass enclosure and ambient lighting, provided a spa-like experience. Throughout the 30-day duration, our construction management process ensured timeliness and attention to detail, culminating in a master bathroom that not only met but exceeded our client’s expectations. Their satisfaction was our greatest reward, solidifying a long-term relationship built on trust and the shared joy of creating something beautiful.

Highland Beach Master Bathroom Renovation Oasis


Highland Beach, Florida


30 Days


Initial consultation, design approval, demolition, plumbing and electrical updates, installation of hardwood flooring, custom cabinetry setup, marble countertop installation, sink and faucet installation, lighting setup (recessed, pendant, ambient), smart home technology integration, shower and bathtub installation, window treatments, final decorations and quality inspection, client walkthrough and approval

Highland Beach Master Bathroom Renovation Oasis


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